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5 Critical Skills For An It Business Analyst

Business analyst jobs are well paying, and have a strong outlook—these jobs are projected to grow at arate of 14%, which is higher than average. It is essential that you know how to manage all of you stakeholders and know how much power and influence they have on your project. Stakeholders can be your strongest supporters or your biggest critics. An experienced BA will be able to analyse how much management each stakeholder needs and how they should be individually managed.

Requirements documents, reports, specifications, plans and analysis. As a BA you will be required to deliver a range of different types of documents. You will need to ensure that your documents are written in a clear and concise manner, and at a level that is appropriate for your stakeholders. Avoid nuances specific to a particular workstream as they may not be understood by all stakeholders. As an inexperienced/beginner BA, it is unlikely that you will have experience writing requirements documentation, however, strong writing skills are an excellent starting point.

You’ll also find BAs in the midst of facilitating teams to solve technical challenges, especially when they involve negotiation between multiple business or technical stakeholders. (it’s free) that’s designed to help you, the mid-career professional, kick-start your business analysis career. This training provides an introduction to what a business analyst does and a deeper dive into what skills you need to be successful as a business analyst.

And so, analytical thinking is naturally emerging as an ‘essential navigational tool’ in the new normal. According to Deloitte’s Future of Work report, ‘few organizations have cracked the code for monetizing data’. The report states that this is ‘an even more challenging task because of the velocity at which data is being generated’. The tools covered in this program are Excel, JIRA, Power BI, Tableau, PostgreSQL, Planbox, VersionOne, etc. Jotting down project lessons is vital, as this will help them make better decisions in the future.

The BA must be able to cater to auditory or visual learners with appropriate use of training material. If you are wondering what a career as a business analyst might look like, check out the new Salesforce Business Analyst Careers page. This is a good place to start exploring the BA role, and pursuing a career as a Salesforce business analyst. Also, check out the Salesforce Administrator certification, which is essential to becoming a successful BA.

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