Make a solo rack or even hovering nook

How To Build A Simple Wall Shelf

Looking for an easier way to use natural wood or driftwood. This is a great shelf for those that don’t want to do a lot of drilling into a wall but still create a wall shelf . We thought using this boat cleat was such a smart hanging idea. You will love this DIY hanging rope shelf that is perfectly rustic and fun. These easy DIY bathroom storage shelves are an inexpensive way to add storage to a small bathroom. This DIY shelving tutorial will show you how you finally get your bathroom organized.

Instead of sticking with the unoptimized spacing that was in our current setup, we were able to adjust the shelf spacing and add in TWO more shelves. Building shelves in our linen closet is a win-win-win. First, I don’t have to worry about everything falling over and slipping through the wire shelves. “I found the different type of ideas for shelf making were very inspiring. I plan to make the corner shelfs myself. This shelf looks as if the books are simply hanging in the air.

The top of the boards are lined up with the top of the shelf but hang down a bit past where the actual shelf board is. Then I attached more 1x2s to the fronts of the smaller cubby dividers. So the whole front facing of everything is thicker but the wood behind is as it appears in the previous pics. When looking at the closet, you can’t tell the actual shelves aren’t as thick as they appear unless you look very, very closely. First step, remove everything that was already in the closet including the closet rod, shelf, and shelf supports that were there before.

I patched up the nail holes with spackle and then gave the whole closet including trim a fresh coat of white paint. If the floor of your garage is already spoken for by lawn gadgets or sports gear, look up—the ceiling of your garage possesses hidden storage potential. To maximize it, follow the lead of the bloggers at The Cavender Diary to erect this simple yet space-smart hanging shelf. For handy homeowners, the garage isn’t simply a spot to park the car—it’s a place to park everything, including gardening gear, wood saws, and seasonal storage. But without space-smart shelving to corral these tools and supplies, this practice can turn your good-looking garage into a disorganized drop zone.

And finally, I filled up the closet with all of the boys’ things. To install them, I started on the bottom row and nailed a few nails into each divider through the shelf above to secure it in place. Then I added the middle row of cubby dividers and the top row the same way. To keep things simple, I reinstalled the same shelf and curtain rod that were there previously higher in the closet.

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