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How To Build Diy Industrial Pipe Shelves

The rubber hammer is lined up with the dowel, as not to injure yourself or damage the dowel. Building wall shelves is not hard, just use proper brackets and screws. In order to protect the dowel, we hit it on top with several light strokes, until the dowel is totally inserted in the floor’s surface.

But as time got closer for us to move in, there were too many other things to finish up. So I only had time to build and install one on each side. But now that things have settled down, I’ve finally found time to build and hang the other two. So I thought I would share the process in this article.

In some cases, the only space left might be a corner. See, for example, How to create corner shelves for a garden shed.See also How to install a shower corner shelf if you’re looking for a bathroom shelf solution. Make the mounting cleat by trimming down a 2×3 or 2×4 to fit snugly within the opening at the back of the shelf. Screw the cleat into at least two wall studs, making sure it’s perfectly level. Slip the shelf over the cleat and fasten it in place with finishing nails driven down through the plywood top and into the cleat. Learn how to replace old wire shelving units with this awesome tutorial.

Repeat this step again—attaching studs and 2×4 to the wall with the help of a leveler—until you have the number of shelf boards you desire. Give a reasonable distance between the first shelf board and the next one, let’s say 17 inches. Measure and mark the lines for the vertical cabinet dividers, and then place the dividers. Use pocket holes to attach the top edge of each divider, and mark and screw through the bottom of the cabinet to secure the bottom edge of the each divider.

I think the height spacing you have between each shelf is perfect, so thanks for posting that — it’ll make it a lot easier when we do our layout. Would you mind sharing where you found the MDF shelving with the rounded bullnose edge? I came home yesterday and my husband and children had cleaned out and taken down all of our wire shelving. I’m now trying to plan our new shelves and my husband and I really like this look. We can’t seem to find this type of shelving/boards in any of the home improvement stores.

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