The mission of Safe Haven of Pike County, Inc. is to eradicate domestic violence, sexual assault and other serious crimes through prevention, empowerment and the promotion of social justice.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence occurs when one person in a relationship uses a pattern of behaviors to exercise power and control over the other person. These behaviors include verbal, psychological, emotional, financial, physical and sexual abuse, and stalking. Acts of abuse may escalate over time, or may vary in their intensity. You'll find the best freispiele ohne einzahlung 2021 here, you have time to get it!

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Sexual Assault

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Victims of Crime

Are you not feeling like working today? I have an appealing idea! Go to the site and play25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino. You are in charge of your mood! Victims of Crime experience trauma in different ways. Whether you have been the victim of a property crime, domestic violence, sexual assault or any other crime, you are entitled to help. The professional staff of Safe Haven is here for you.

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Get Help

No one deserves to be a victim. It is not your fault. Safe Haven is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist any resident of Pike County or their loved ones who have been victims of violence and/or crime. Call our hotline at 570-296-HELP (4357) for help and information.

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Get Involved

Looking for ways to get involved? Become a volunteer! You can help out at events, on our FUNdraising committee, or even become a volunteer advocate and help out in the office, in the courts and on our hotline! For more information, contact our Outreach Coordinator at (570) 296-2827.