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Elder/Disabled Abuse

Elder Abuse


Elder abuse can take on many different shapes. Types of abuse include:

Emotional: inflicting mental pain, anguish or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts
Sexual: non-consensual sexual contact of any kind or the coercion to witness sexual behaviors
Neglect: refusal or failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, healthcare, or protection
Financial Exploitation: the illegal taking, misuse or concealment of funds, property or assets
Healthcare Fraud/Abuse: charging for services not provided, over-medicating or under-medicating by professional healthcare providers
Abandonment: the desertion by anyone who has assumed the responsibility for care or custody. 


Elder abuse can be difficult to recognize, but the following are good indicators that abuse may be occurring:

  • Social Isolation
  • Confused or depressed
  • Undernourished or dehydrated
  • Appear dirty or have unexplained injuries
  • Are not receiving proper care for health problems
  • They are abusing drugs or alcohol

If you or someone you know is a victim of Elder Abuse or Neglect, call Safe Haven to see what services are available today! 570-296-HELP (4357)


People with Disabilities 

People with disabilities are 3 times more likely to experience violent victimization as other adults and adolescents and 3 times more likely to be sexually abused as children.

Why are so many people with disabilities victims of abuse?

Several factors contribute to people with disabilities experiencing higher rates of domestic and sexual violence. Isolation within a community, reliance on caregivers for personal care, and limited transportation can all create unsafe situations. Perpetrators may perceive people with disabilities to be easy targets because of societal stereotypes and extremely low prosecution of perpetrators of crime against people with disabilities.

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